The Costs of Selling

Transaction costs related to selling a property in BC

To help you in your planning, the following transaction costs are typically borne by the seller.


When choosing a REALTOR® to work with, you have a lot of options. We are full-service REALTORS® who do not compromise on the quality of work that we do for our clients. We invest considerable time and resources to achieve our client's objectives. If you value this kind of service, please do call us.


We provide a complimentary staging consultation, where appropriate, for our listings. Our stager will walk through your home with you and provide ideas on what you can do to prepare your home for sale. She can also give you a quote for additional staging services if needed.

Storage Costs:  

You may have a lot of possessions that need to be stored elsewhere while you are selling your home. Alternatively, upon selling your home, you may not be ready to purchase but instead choose to rent thereby requiring some storage of furniture and other household items.

Legal Fees:  

This is the cost associated with clearing title of all financial charges and signing off on the paperwork necessary to register the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer with the Land Title and Survey Office.  

Moving Costs:  

This is dependent upon your moving needs and how much professional assistance you will require.